Video Camp for Girls+ (2018)

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Video Camp for Girls+


Thurs., July 26, 10am-5pm @ SAW Video (67 Nicholas St.)

Thurs., August 2, 9, & 16, 5-9pm @ Charlie Bowins Skate Park (435 Bronson Ave.)

Sat./Sun. August 18 & 19, 10am-5pm @ SAW Video (67 Nicholas St.)

Fri. August 24, 6-9pm @ SAW Video (67 Nicholas St.)


Limited space available - Maximum 12 participants, Ages 13-17

Registration Fee: $25

Although registration is open for all young women, girls, and femme identified youth, we encourage youth from diverse or marginalized backgrounds to apply, particularly POC, Indigenous, low-income, or newcomer & immigrant youth.  

Extended Registration Deadline: Monday. July 23, 2018

To register, please fill the registration forms and send it to: 



The Video Camp for Girls+ takes place in association with Ottawa’s GIRLS+ SKATE 613, which meets for skate sessions once a week on Thursday evenings throughout the summer months. The camp will provide an opportunity for training in basic video production and video editing for participants aged 13-17.  Under the direction of female instructors and mentors who are professionals in the audio/visual production field, participants will have the opportunity to conceive, shoot, direct, and edit, short videos about skateboarding.

The videos created can be different genre’s, including documentary, drama, experimental, or the traditional skateboard video showing off the best tricks. The campers will retain USB flash drives with digital copies of the final edited videos which they can then use in a portfolio, on a resume, submit to a film festival, or to further their own audio/visual skills in an academic setting.

Like skateboarding culture, Film and Video-making often tend to be male-dominated fields, and this program seeks to encourage young women, girls, and femme identified youth, to learn about film, and to consider it as a potential career choice. Additionally, this program seeks to remove socio-economic barriers to training for young women in the technical fields of video production, and, to that end, the program will be offered for free, and will only have a small registration charge for each participant.


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To register, please fill the registration forms and send it to: 


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