Intro to Video Projection Mapping w/ MadMapper

Video Mapping Workshop


Video Projection Mapping is a technique in which objects that are often irregularly shaped, such as the exterior of buildings, small indoor items, sculptures, or theatrical sets, are turned into a display surface for video projection.  Artists can use this technique to add extra dimensions, create optical illusions, or suggest movement on static objects.

MadMapper is an advanced but easy to use tool for video mapping.  Although this workshop will take place indoors, the focus will be on the use of this software for projecting onto building exteriors and outdoor surfaces.  It will provide an overview of the interface, workflows, scenes\cues, adding controls (i.e. audio reactive, MIDI, keyboard, etc.), masking, 3D object files (where to get them or how to create them), media (i.e. images, video, shaders, etc., and their parameters), as well as available online resources.

SAW Video has MadMapper installed on the computers in our training space and, for this workshop, each computer will also be connected to its own projector.


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SAW Video, Workshop Room
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Wednesday October 16 2019, 6:00 - 10:00 pm
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Sylvain Després obtained a Bachelor in Visual Arts from the University of Ottawa in 1995, an Interior Design diploma from La Cité collégiale in 1998 and more recently a Master's degree in Industrial Design at Carleton University in 2016. Sylvain has worked in the public and private sector in the field of office design, exhibit design, alternative offices, commercial and custom millwork. He has won several provincial and national awards for Interior Design excellence.

He is currently coordinator and professor in the new media arts program at la Cité (Arts numériques) where he teaches creative coding, video mapping and theory of art and design. His interests gravitate towards human centred design, social innovation, design thinking methods particularly within cultural contexts, interactive and immersive art, participatory design and creation as well as leveraging design and art as a means to bridge cross-cultural divides.

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Intro to Video Projection Mapping w/ MadMapper