How to Shoot Video with a DSLR Camera

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One of the greatest innovations in Digital SLR technology is the ability to shoot High Definition Video.  This 1-day introductory workshop in HDSLR techniques will help participants clarify the blurry lines and understand the differences between still photography and motion capture. The workshop will include an overview of camera settings, discussions on technical limitations, workarounds, feature demonstrations, and shooting assignments. It will also include approaches to file management, sound, and the use of camera accessories.

The workshop will be hosted in SAW Video's Workshop Room. There will be 2 different types of DSLR Camera's provided for this workshop, as well as camera accessories, but bringing in your own DSLR camera capable of High Definition Video is recommended. Please note that you are responsible for the care of your own camera during the workshop.  

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SAW Video, Workshop Room
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Saturday December 14 2019, 12:00 - 6:00 pm
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Radamis Zaky, is a PhD candidate at the Institute of Feminist and Gender Studies, and a part-time professor in the Department of Communications at the University of Ottawa.  He is a recipient of the 2017 Excellence Award for Teaching Assistants.  In 2018, he produced the documentary “Rainbow Haven: Welcoming LGBTQ refugees to Canada” which tells the story of three Gambian refugees who came to Canada to escape potentially dangerous situations.  Radamis is a long-standing member of SAW Video and has both taken and taught many Workshops at the Centre. In 2018 he was an instructor for SAW’s “New Voices program for newcomer, immigrant, and refugee youth”.  He has also taught video production and post-production workshops.