2D Stop Motion Animation

Still from film “A Trip to the Moon”


Stop-Motion is an animation technique used to manipulate a motionless object into appearing to move on its own.

Join us for a workshop focused on employing a 2D technique that can be used in the creation of short animations, and learn the technical aspects and limitations to animating in stop-motion. This workshop will provide hands-on experience, and participants will work in groups to design a character, create a set, and animate a scene. It will also cover post-production, including adding sound and/or narration to the film, creating a continuous sequence, editing shots together into a story, and outputting your final animation. This workshop will use iPad’s with Stop Motion Studio software, with the final edit completed in FCPX software.

Note: All iPad’s, software, and equipment for this workshop will be provided.


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Saturday January 18 2020, 12:00 - 5:00 pm
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Tina Le Moine was born in Berlin, Germany. She left her hometown and her teaching career to study Art & Media in Holland, receiving a BA in Media. During that period, she founded an International Film Festival and exhibited her works in Dutch galleries. Her graduation film, Texas-Diners won second prize at the ‘Second International Video Festival Friesland’. In 1995 she moved to Vancouver to study Animation, producing a 30-minute animation with support of the National Film Board of Canada and ended up working in visual effects. In 1999 she moved to Montreal to work for the NFB, this time teaching animation techniques at the Cinèrobotheque and working as an art teacher in an elementary school. Since 2010 she has been living in Ottawa where she makes animated shorts. When not working on her films she is a workshop leader for MASC, teaching Animation to all age groups in schools and communities.

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2D Stop Motion Animation