Eurocentrism in Film and Media (and how to unlearn it)


The media we consume every day has the power to affect the world around us, whether through our actions or behaviors or through the information we then choose to pass on ourselves.

This workshop seeks to analyze everything from films, to TV and online media by asking us to step back, engage our critical thinking and tease out the legacy of eurocentrism, racism, and postcolonial thought and the role that they play in our media ecosystem.

We will begin by identifying these themes within the media we consume on a daily basis in order to decolonize our minds and explore ways to fight against systemic racism.


  • Eurocentrism as an invented Colonialist ideology
  • Hollywood and the Eurocentric history
  • Racial representation and tokenism
  • Polycentric multiculturalism
  • Committing to anti-racism work as the audience   


$10 / Free for BIPOC

Duration in hours
Link for the virtual classroom will be sent to participants on September 30th, 2020.
Workshop Dates
Thursday October 1 2020, 5:00 - 8:00 pm
Registration Deadline


yan with a camera

Yan is a filmmaker and video artist based in Toronto. Fascinated by storytelling and experimenting with different film formats and media, she is emerging fiercely, collaborating with bands and artists in the music/art scene. Yan holds a MA in Film Studies from Carleton University where she focused her research on colonialism and the cinema. Her work aims to actively pursue social justice issues and challenging systemic racism. She believes in the power of collective healing and wants to create a safe and comfortable space where different ideas are welcomed and heard.