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Partners Organizational Residency with Debaser

P·art·ners | Organizational Residency

11 novembre - 20 décembre 2019

Organization in Residence

Established in 2013, Debaser is an arts organization and event presenter/producer based on unceded Algonquin territory (in so-called Ottawa). Debaser exists to exhibit and support creative music-makers, provide engaging and exciting programming, and amplify marginalized art and artists. Their primary activity is producing and presenting music and arts events.

Programming Priorities 

  • to work with artists who make creative, innovative, and/or experimental art

  • to support and present artists who identify as women, trans, gender non-conforming, differently abled, queer, Two Spirit, indigenous, black, racialized, or otherwise marginalized or institutionally oppressed

  • to hold events in accessible, inclusive, safer spaces with artists, staff, and organizers who act with respect for equity and inclusiveness

Their projects current and past include:

  • curating and compiling the mixtape MOOD RING

  • making radio

  • organizing and presenting monthly pwyc event series Fryquency (2013-2015)

  • organizing panel discussions

  • publishing zines

  • fundraising for community partners

  • curating, co-producing, and co-presenting with partners

P·art·ners | Organizational Residency

SAW Video Media Art Centre’s, P·art·ners Organizational Residency, is a mentoring program for small and emerging arts organizations in the Ottawa region. The intention of the residency is to provide the organization in residence with tailored mentorship from SAW Video staff and our organizational partners. P·art·ners responds to a need that we have seen in our sector for emerging organizations to gain access to training and mentorship without navigating traditional and cost prohibitive professional development opportunities. The residency aims to aid organizations in identifying and becoming better situated to reach their next strategic step(s). 

Access to physical space is an integral component to this residency as office space is often inaccessible to emerging organizations. Thus the resident organization will be provided access to our collaborative workspace, The Loop, for two months to be used as a satellite office and meeting space (SAW Video will provide access to office supplies and resources). Space generally, is a key residency theme as the organization in residence is entirely responsible for steering their experience and the direction of the work they would like to accomplish. SAW Video can be as involved as desired and will do all within our means to provide the mentoring experience that is ideal for the organization in residence. 

P·art·ners Organizational Residency is available for small and or emerging arts organizations in the Ottawa Region who are video and media art involved or adjacent. We are looking for organizers who prioritize equity for artists and inclusion/access for the public in their programming. Our mentorship will be framed within an intersectional feminist position that will prioritize themes of autonomy, collaboration, accountability and transparency. This residency is not production oriented (i.e., organizations are not required to walk away with a tangible outcome) but is oriented toward strategic visioning and planning. The option for public facing dialogue or programming is available to the organization in residence. 

Program Goals 

  1. Identify areas of interest or areas for growth (grant writing, policy development, HR management, financial management, branding, graphic design, etc); 

  2. Provide ongoing mentorship and resources to further develop and or achieve goals set by the organization in residence in the identified areas of interest or growth; 

  3. Provide an opportunity for public facing dialogue or programming (in collaboration with SAW Video or independently) in SAW Video’s Loop space.   

P·art·ners Organizational Residency is a 2 month long program, with a new organization in residence ever November and December annually. 

Any inquiries should be directed to