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Plan F

Plan F

Girls, Girls, Get That Cash

mai 30 2019, 6:00 - 9:00 pm


** This workshop is only available for womxn, two spirit and non-binary folks **


Creative people often get super weird about money. As a centre that prioritizes artists and creatives getting paid, this makes us sad. Why is getting paid for your work often a battle? Does talking about getting paid make you feel weird? Tired of having “but it’s exposure?!?!” thrown in your face?

Yes? Ok, let's get you paid.

This workshop will focus on navigating the freelancer world of video and media arts for creatives and artists. This workshop will take creative freelancers through the process of a) Identifying and understanding the value of your work b) Figuring out how to communicate that value and c) How to get paid well for it. This workshop will cover everything from navigating freelance work to starting new production companies to navigating clients and projects that are asking you for too much. Participants will learn where to turn for personal, independent creative projects and getting paid adequate artist fees will also be discussed. Participants will be given time to network with other workshop attendees during the workshop with the hope that you too can hire, collaborate and support womxn in our community.

Although this workshop will have a video and media arts focus, we encourage womxn from other disciplines and fields to join! 


The workshop will be led by long-standing industry hustler:  

Lesley Marshall an intermedia artist currently working as a producer and consultant for independent audio visual projects and promotional media through her company MAVNetwork in Ottawa. An award-winning filmmaker, music videos made by Lesley have been featured on Rolling Stone, Vice, Exclaim!, Brooklyn Vegan, Aux, Rookie Mag etc.

What you will walk away with

  • How to confidently sell yourself;

  • How to say no to work that you don’t want to do;

  • How to stop dreading discussing money conversations with clients & collaborators;

  • An opportunity to ask Lesley questions about your individual money weirdness;

  • An opportunity to network with other like-minded folks in attendance;

  • An opportunity (based on your skillset) to request to be added to the SAW Video freelancer list


If you care to do so, feel free to bring a notebook, laptop or tablet along with you for note-taking purposes (no distracting images please).

We encourage all registrants to please bring your CV & Resume or demo-reel/digital portfolio with you for submission. SAW Video is interested and looking to add more womxn onto our frequently requested freelancer list. No other materials are required.   


This workshop is available to womxn only. Black, Indigenous and racialized womxn, two spirit and non-binary folks will be prioritized in the registration process. We ask that folks please self identify under "company" on the registration page. 

If access to funds is an issue please email, no one will be turned away due to lack of funds. 

Why? Because womxn are not being hired: 

Online Payment
Registration - Girls, Girls, Get That Cash
5,00 $CA