the loop

Equipment Demo

Check, Check, Testing, Testing!

mars 5 2019, 12:00 - 1:00 pm

Every first Tuesday of the month we invite SAW Video members and members of the arts community at large to bring their lunch for some lunch time tech talk. This is a great opportunity for participants to have a close look at some of our trickiest and most popular equipment on offer. SAW Video’s Equipment Demos will cover a wide range of topics from audio and cameras to all the small bits and bobs of our equipment library that seem inconsequential but really make a difference in your final product.

This month's Equipment Demo is: Check, Check, Testing, Testing! How to Use a PA System. This demonstration will show how to put together and operate a basic stereo sound system.  We will cover connectors, setting up, using a mixer, controlling volume and other elements of live sound to get you started. 

The Demo will be facilitated by our tech guru and Equipment Manager, Jason Sonier.

This is a free event for SAW Video Members and members of the arts community at large.

Registration is not required but please arrive promptly