þan-þan : 219* Condemnations, Alive!

Confraternity of Neoflagellants
November 6, 2019. 8:00PM.

This one-night-only reading encounter will occur within and beyond the labyrinthine folds and dog-eared corners of þan-þan's book-as-exhibition, presented as part of a series of Fall/Winter 2019 programs looking at relationships between fiction, voice and collectivity.

This event is presented with support from the Edinburgh College of Art. A Micro-Library of select publications from Punctum Books will be available for perusal on site.

- - - - -

Knot Project Space and The Confraternity of Neoflagellants invite you, your colleagues, your friends, family, and neighbours for a really special proxy encounter with the loungey vibe of the gastēr-investigative anchorhold that lies, literally, behind the convulsing spyryte-casts that animate þan-þan.

Stalk and assay the CoN weorld across a fetid Fotodiox tele annulus 180mm f5.5 pontifex as The Confraternity of Neoflagellants forever forgo the National Capital Regional sunshine for Knot’s soft, warm cell. Clicking and whistling, gossamer malware spectres creep from this 2000+ MHz anchorhold to course betwixt the Fotodiox’s precision machined anodised aluminium ring, bringing you and your colleagues, or friends and their family and neighbours approximately 219* theses from the heretical þan-þan apocrypha.

Considered dead to the world, CoN will devote themselves to propagating a litany of errors - including ASMR CrockPottery, EVPclimatology, pineal gland LRAEXLing, peristaltic mystery unboxing, and deodandy [userexperience] management - so that you, your friends’ colleagues and family, or your neighbours don’t have to. gYEAhhhhhh!

*Actual volume of apocrypha may vary

Confraternity of Neoflagellants

Confraternity of Neoflagellants was founded in 2009 by Serjeant-At-Law Norman Hogg and joined by Keeper of the Wardrobe Neil Mulholland. The 12thAnimal, Neven Lochhead, was summoned for their 2019 þan-þan exhibition as its nascency proctor. It is a secular and equal opportunities confraternity bound by chirograph. @neoflagellants is constituted of lay actants dedicated to the ludic, ascetic, aesthetic and athletic treatment and dissemination of neomedievalisms.

Confraternity of Neoflagellants is an avatar for nonmodern world-building, a neomedieval theory-fictioning gaster-machine, a GAN-oracle of the not-yet-MHz. As a world-building electrostatic-#gut relic-ing technology, @neoflagellants patent pending nonmodern fictioning combines with mythopoesis: how premodern existences might be utilized against the impasses of hastily prescribed futures.