Artist Talk with Emily Pelstring

Knot Project Space at the Ottawa International Animation Festival
September 23, 2020. 10:00AM.

In collaboration with the Ottawa International Animation Festival, Knot Project Space is pleased to present to you a conversation with artist & filmmaker Emily Pelstring.  This artist talk will delve into some of the themes, theories and materials in Pelstring’s body of work.  More specifically, we will discuss the ways in which Pelstring creates meaning by working with physical space and the moving image.  

Login to the festival’s website Sept 23 - Oct 4 here to view our talk!  


Emily Pelstring is an artist and filmmaker based in Canada. She is faculty in the Department of Film and Media at Queen’s University. Pelstring’s installations have employed holography, stereography, animated Pepper’s Ghost displays, and projection-mapped video, in conjunction with built material elements. These pieces reference magic shows, and draw links between spirituality, wonder, and illusion. Her interests in reclaimative myth-making, collectivity, speculative futurisms, and camp aesthetics have led to collaboratively-produced bodies of work under the pseudonyms Inflatable Deities and The Powers.