Photo by Petr Maur.

Virtual Reality @ OIAF

Caty Davis Blättermann, Paloma Dawkins, Uri Kranot & Michelle Kranot, Philippe Lambert and François Narboux
September 27, 2018 – September 30, 2018

Knot Project Space hosted an exhibition of virtual reality artworks as part of Ottawa International Animation Festival’s (OIAF) official 2018 competition. This temporary four-day exhibition featured five distinct works that each employed virtual reality environments to push animation’s immersive potential. 

- More about the artists -

Caty Davis Blättermann

Caty Davis Blättermann has been creating and developing games for more than 5 years and continue to deepen her love for them. She also makes comics, most of which are biographical. Being from Berlin has helped Blättermann accumulate some of the material for these stories. Growing up with families from different ethnic backgrounds shaped her youth and is something she incorporates in all of my work. Currently, Blättermann is studying at Filmakademie, Baden-Württemberg and working on a VR experience about agoraphobia and anxiety.

Philippe Lambert

Born in Montreal, Philippe Lambert is an experimental vocalist, electronic music composer, and interactive art creator. His recordings have been published on Alien8 Recordings, Robosapien Records and Los Discos Enfantasmes. He has co-created three award-winning interactive works for the National Film Board of Canada: BLA BLA (2011), A JOURNAL OF INSOMNIA (2013) and WAY TO GO (2015). These projects have been presented as interactive installations or musical performances at La Gaîté lyrique, Mutek, IDFA, the Tribeca Film Festival and Sundance. Dream is his first interactive project as a director with the NFB.

Paloma Dawkins

Montreal-based Paloma Dawkins is a cartoonist and self-taught animator turned virtual-reality and video-game artist. Known for her fantastical landscapes inhabited by strange and lovable characters, Paloma strives to create games that are surreal and beautiful. Her past work includes the technicolour rainbow graphic novel Summerland, the minimalist and meditative rhythm game ALEA, and the psychedelic explorer game Gardenarium. She first came to work with the National Film Board of Canada through its Hothouse animation-mentorship program, which resulted in Scientifiq Piqniq, an animated adventure through the cosmic unveiling of the beautiful and strange macro/microstructures that unite us with the Universe.

Michelle and Uri Kranot

Michelle and Uri Kranot are artists, animation filmmakers and both hold various positions at The Animation Workshop, VIA University College, Viborg, Denmark. Michelle is the producer and instructor of AniDox lab and Uri is Story Supervisor for the Bachelor of Education. They are programmers and curators for a number of International Animation Festivals and projects. Their personal works have won over a hundred international prizes and participated in numerous film festivals and exhibitions. Their film, HOLLOW LAND, was shortlisted for an Oscar Academy Award in 2014. Michelle and Uri, originally from Israel, currently live with their three sons in Viborg, Denmark.

François Narboux

Some of François Narboux’s credits include director of the series PIRATA ET CAPITANO and of MOUK seasons 1 and 2. He was also the co-director of the series, LE PETIT BESTIAIRE, alongside Yona Friedman. In addition, he not only was the co-director of DIDOU season 3, but also was the supervisor of the animated series for season 1 through 3.