Don't Forget to Call

Nelly Matorina
July 27, 2018 – July 28, 2018

SAW Video and Knot Project Space are proud to have presented a two-day exhibition by media artist Nelly Matorina on July 27th and July 28th. Utilizing the layout of the five-channel video exhibition Wednesdays, Before Piano by naakita feldman-kiss, Matorina presented an iteration of her installation Don’t Forget To Call, which was simultaneously being exhibited at Union Gallery in Kingston, Ontario. This temporary exhibition was presented as part of a series of events that brought together three young artists exploring intergenerational exchange (understood as the processes of learning, modes of relation and collaborative exercises that occur between generations) in their respective practices.

Don’t Forget to Call is a multi-channel video installation exploring mediated forms of communication. The installation is composed of various ‘calls’ to Matorina’s grandparents and other deceased ancestors, some of whom she has never met or spoken to. Throughout the lives of her relatives, most of their communication was mediated through calling cards and, more recently, calling home phone numbers through Skype. This installation extends Matorina’s familiarity with mediation into another realm: is a call to the afterlife that much further than a call over the internet? 

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Nelly Matorina

Nelly Matorina is an artist and scientist exploring themes of migration, sleep, and memory through video, installation, experimentation, and data analysis. Her latest series of installations looks at intergenerational memory in a post-soviet context. Recent and upcoming shows/screenings include Square Pegs, Reelout Queer Film Festival, Union Gallery, and Modern Fuel. 

Union Gallery