In this workshop, media artist and E.S.P. TV co-director Victoria Keddie (NY) will present a survey of past E.S.P. TV projects and live tapings spanning five years, over 75 live events and more than 85 episodes. In addition, she will discuss and share related works from other televisual artists.

Workshop attendees will learn about the history and use of the TV in art practice, and about ways of preserving media outside the institution or archive. Participants will get to try out an impromptu “TV studio” set-up, which includes a demonstration of some of the hybrid systems E.S.P. TV has devised for live processing and experimenting with the video signal during their performances.

Where: Club SAW, 67 Nicholas St.

When: Saturday, April 9th, 12-3pm.

This workshop is free, but you have to register - email Howard Adler at workshops@sawvideo.com - or call us at 613.238.7648

About E.S.P. TV

E.S.P. TV is a project directed by New York media artists Scott Kiernan and Victoria Keddie. They utilize a mobile television studio to explore

 ideas around transmission, analog and digital media, and broadcasting. Through an ongoing series of live television taping events, E.S.P. TV places the control room of the TV studio on centre stage, making the means of production into a vehicle for performance. They investigate the language of television through their practice and have built a strong network through artist collaborations. From this ongoing effort, they have amassed an extensive archive detailing these unique explorations of performance, sound, and vision.




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