Thursday, May 7th, 2015, 7:30pm , Club SAW, 67 Nicholas Street

Programmed by imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival, and co-presented by SAW Video Media Art Centre in association with the NAC’s Ontario Scene. 

This specially curated film program offers contemporary perspectives on the Indigenous artistic experience. Through a collection of short works that span Aboriginal histories and futures, these stories take viewers on a journey of Indigenous artistry through various genres of film and video. Tied together by themes that activate personal and cultural challenges, triumphs and calls-to-action, the diversity, strength, beauty and resiliency of Ontario's Indigenous media artists and their work is brought to audiences in this special spotlight.

Artists in attendance: Shania Tabobondung (Anishinaabe), Adam Garnet Jones (Cree/Métis) and Ehren Bear Witness (Cayuga)

This screening contains mature content, and may not be appropriate for young children.

All films are silent, in English, or with English subtitles.


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9:15min, 2013 | Directed by Shania Tabobondung

Using simple, yet clever whiteboard animation, a young woman’s personal journey of struggles and courage through her early life are poignantly and artistically depicted in this impressive film debut.

Shania Tabobondung is a 17-year-old Anishinabekwe from Wasauksing First Nation.  Her passion for the written word and visual arts has led her to seek future academic studies in journalism and/or media arts. My Story was the 2013 imagineNATIVE Tour Video Contest winner, which had over 40 films in contention.



16min, 2012 | Directed by Danis Goulet

Like any 16-year-old, Alyssa desperately wants to fit in with the crowd. But will her dreams crumble as her deepest secret is revealed?

Danis Goulet (Cree/Métis) is an award-winning writer and director. Her short film Wakening played before the opening night film at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival.



7:48min, 2012 | Directed by Adam Garnet Jones

A young man`s secret fuels a twisted vendetta for revenge in this powerful examination of intolerance.

Adam Garnet Jones (Cree/Métis) is a queer filmmaker originally from Edmonton, Alberta. His short films have been broadcast on television and screened widely at film festivals, including ImagineNATIVE. He is currently in post production on his first feature film, Fire Song.



5:44, 2011 | Directed by Ehren (Bear) Witness

This innovative tribute in response to the murder of totem carver John Williams by a Seattle police officer in 2010 employs image mixing, documentary footage, and an ingenious soundscape to commemorate a tragedy not to be forgotten.

Bear Witness (Cayuga) is an Ottawa-based media artist who has been producing short experimental videos for over eight years. Bear is a member of the award-winning DJ collective, A Tribe Called Red.



6:50, 2014 | Directed by Tara Browne

This docudrama short film is an interpretation of an interview and performance of Buffy Sainte-Marie that originally aired on CBC TV’s program TBA with host John O’Leary in 1966.  

Actress, filmmaker and singer-songwriter, Tara (Beier) Browne (Cree) won the Best Experimental award for this film at imagineNATIVE in 2014.



3min, 2013 | Directed by Lisa Jackson

Evocative and haunting, director Lisa Jackson crafts a stunning performance-based piece that captures the brutality of violence against Indigenous women, yet celebrates hope for a future illuminated through advocacy and understanding.

Named one of Playback Magazine's 10 to Watch in 2012, Lisa Jackson's (Anishinaabe) genre-bending films span documentary, animation and fiction. Her work has also garnered numerous awards and her film, Savage won the Genie award for Best Short Film in 2010.



10:30min, 2013 | Directed by Shane Belcourt

Acclaimed playwright Yvette Nolan voices her personal experience in this beautifully poetic and intimate exploration of the multigenerational effects of Canada’s residential school system.

Shane Belcourt (Metis) is an award-winning filmmaker, writer and musician based in Toronto. His debut feature film, Tkaronto closed imagineNATIVE in 2007 and has screened at film festivals worldwide.



12:46min, 2014  | Directed by Shane Belcourt and Maria Campbell

In this collaborative work, originally presented as a live reading and visual accompaniment, Maria Campbell, an acclaimed Métis author from Saskatchewan sets out to hold a mirror out for Indigenous non-Indigenous people to peer into the never-ending legacy of colonial violence. 

Maria Campbell (Cree/French/Scottish) is a community worker, storyteller and filmmaker whose bestselling autobiography Halfbreed – an important document on ethnic relations in Canada – encouraged many First Nations people to become writers. In addition to her many other publications, she has also written or directed stage plays, films and videos.

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