Our “Own” Images: 30 Years of Maori Fiction Film

Masterclass lecture with Deborah Walker-Morrison

Friday, August 12th

3:30PM @ Club SAW

1hour lecture


The Asinabka Film & Media Art Festival and SAW Video are pleased to present a Masterclass lecture by Dr. Deborah Walker-Morrison, an associate professor at the University of Aukland. In this presentation, Walker-Morrison will sketch the evolution of indigenous fiction filmmaking practices in Aotearoa, New Zealand, from its roots (in the mid1980s) to the present day. She will speak specifically about two pioneering Māori auteurs, Barry Barclay and Merata Mita, who both began as indigenous activists, documentary filmmakers and theorists. Their work firmly grounded Māori fiction film within a context of cultural revival, and created in the process a postcolonial indigenous aesthetic – one that has been an inspiration for other indigenous filmmakers beyond the shores of New Zealand. While Barclay’s concept of 4th Cinema held to an uncompromising “by the people, of the people for the people” aesthetic of documentary realism, Mita’s complementary concept of “decolonizing the screen” also opened a space for a more dramatic, highly poetic realism.

From these roots, Walker-Morrison will show how Māori cinema has continued over the decades to chart and reconnect with multiple identities, ones both evolving and emerging. Through the screening of excerpts from various film and video works, this Masterclass will explore the ways in which Māori cinema renders visible, regains and preserves forgotten or repressed histories, lands and languages. In the search to own and share images of themselves and their cultural “Others”, Māori filmmakers continue to create new, hybrid spaces in the contemporary local and global world.

*Attendees of this Masterclass will receive free tickets to “Mana Wairoa Māori Shorts 2016” – a programme of Māori-made and Maori-themes short films and experimental works curated by the Wairoa Māori Film Festival, being presented at the Asinabka Film & Media Art Festival at 6PM in the Theatre at the Museum of Nature, 240 McLeod Street.


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