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Damned Near Killed Him
A poetic montage of images from films I made years ago, revisiting violence and transgression in the form of a confession and prayer. A hit-and-run outburst of dreamy melodrama within a rant within a mystery all wrapped up inside a longing for God.
Tony Asimakopoulos

Tony Asimakopoulos. 1969-1985: kid; 1986-2010: filmmaker. Noteworthy shorts: JIMMY FINGERS, 1991. MAMA'S BOY, 1992. DAMN NEAR KILLED HIM, 1998, NIGHT OF THE CELIBATE, 2000. Wrote and directed the feature HORSIE'S RETREAT at the Canadian Film Centre in 2004. Currently lives in Montreal, where he is completing FORTUNATE SON (working title), an autobiographical feature documentary, produced by EyeSteelFilm.
City, Province: 
Montreal, QC
Original Media: 
Super 8
Year Produced: 

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