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The Magic Paintbrush
La vidéo propose les thèmes de la fluidité comme métaphore visuelle et de l’identité. L’artiste se révèle derrière et devant l’image. La toile commence avec un nom, une identité, qui est ensuite emplie de peinture.
Vivien Tytor

Vivien Tytor creates her colourful and innovative art in both figurative and abstract styles. As well as painting, she uses other media in her investigations of light and reflection. For example, some of her photographic work crosses the boundaries between painting and photography by merging images of musical instruments with those of her abstract paintings that were created with iridescent colours and reflective material to produce surreal pictures. Her Northern Lights series is a continuation of her investigations of the light and reflection theme by using iridescent paint to interpret nature's phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis. Her video “The Magic Paintbrush” continues this theme where it shows the artist applying paint that becomes a fluid, animated abstraction that seems to have a will of its own. The artist, with video camera in hand, gets literally absorbed into surface.
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Ottawa, ON
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