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02-02-02 Penny McCann 2003 February 2nd, 2002 was an auspicious day - a rare celestial palindrome. On this day, her birthday, the artist examines signs and omens, attempting to divine the future. Hi8, Super 8
28 Laval Street Philippe Caron 1987 Based on a letter found in a derelict building, 28 LAVAL explores the world of a young single mother trapped in a cycle of poverty, drugs and abusive love. 3/4"
61 Days Anthony Seck 1997 A bad night at Motel Hell. A Rocker and a Groupie set themselves up in a room. A loser bank robber, with a million in Chinese yen, out wits a FBI raid by cross-dressing in a hooker's forgotten make up and wardrobe. Video, 16mm
A Landscape Of Here And There Phil Rose 1999 Structured around train trips through the countryside and cityscapes of central Canada and the urban corridor into London, England, A LANDSCAPE OF HERE AND THERE explores issues of identity, the role of landscape in shaping it, and how, in turn, tech Super 8
A Porno Mortis Rob Thompson 1993 Pornography is an issue rife with knee jerk responses and emphatic opinions. This video follows the story of one reporter’s attempt to produce an exposé on the life and times of best selling pornographer, Simon Black. Betacam
A Queer By Choice Kevin Gibbs 1993 Directed by Ali Biggs, Kevin Gibbs and Andrew Grimes Griffin. Phyllis' desire for a queer baby opens a messy can of sperms. n/a
A Taste Of Bannock Chris Ikonomopoulos 2001 The document of a pair doing outreach during the Christmas season. MiniDV
Abandon Bob Hope Kevin Kurytnik 1997 "This film is a bastard satirical mutation comprised primarily of animated collage bits of Gustave Doré's Divine Comedy engravings of the Inferno and those oversize ""how to"" books by Walter Foster and animator Preston Betacam, VHS, 16mm
Afghani Culture Maliha Hamidee 2002 About Afghani culture, clothes, Ramadan, Eid Celebration, wedding parties, engagement and music. Statement: For others to become aware of Afghani culture, religion, celebrations and fashion." DV
American Sandwich Jillian Mcdonald 2002 "A split (into 4) screen performative video where I eat as much as possible of WonderBread, bologna, Kraft singles, and iceberg lettuce, until in some cases I get sick. MiniDV
Americans Chris Mullington 1988 Shot on Video 8, this video is a collection of dreamlike impressions of a Studebaker ride across the U.S.A. 3/4", Betacam, Hi8
Angel In The House Caroline Langill 2002 In this tape, a woman comes to terms with her own conflicted feelings while dealing with her angry child. Betacam, Hi8
Animating Mr. Saint John Connell Smith 2002 Animating Mr. Saint John is part doc/part mock. It asks what would happen if Loyalist Man truly represented the personality of his city. DV
Apple Of My Eye Fortunée Shugar 2002 As the apple rolls out it tells the story of a love half a lifetime ago, relived but for a moment. DV
Arena Lois Siegel 1979 "ARENA is a study of images and movement. Stark black and white photographs of faces have been airbrushed with colour. They dissolve one into another. The central image is a long boy: Guy. Guy is a deaf mute. Film
Ask- Me Carol Beecher 1993 ASK-ME is an experimental camera-less animation piece etched directly on 16mm black leader, with the addition of colour using permanent markers. 16mm
Attention Span Rob Thompson 2000 Television reaches new depths of mediocrity as it seeks to fill time through the endless repetition of images. Moments of reality rendered pointless by their decontextualisation. Style over content reigns supreme. Betacam
Audrey Grey Eyes - Story Of An Artist Liisa Rissanen 1997 An eyewitness story of structural and institutional racism. A Plains Cree girl grows up in a residential school. In spite of the hardships of the school she learns to survive and excel in life by appreciating her cultural background. DV
Auf Festen Boden (pt. I) Franziska Von Rosen 1999 A documentary about the lives of four East Prussian sisters whose experiences span the 20th century and two continents, Europe and Canada based on archival photographs and interviews. DV
Auf Festen Boden (pt. II) Franziska Von Rosen 2001 A documentary about the lives of the four Marshall sisters whose experiences span the 20th century and two continents, Europe and Canada based on archival photographs and interviews. DV
Available Light Anatoly Ignatiev 2003 A Gaze is equally important, if not more, than an Action. What do you see? A sewage collector, a falling leaf, a ray of steam… This short video was born as a videography reel. MiniDV
Back And To The Left Hart Snider 2000 "Scratch video remix of TV, with James Brown's drummer, the Fiddler On The Roof and JFK. Hart Snider uses video editing software to remix samples recorded off television and transform them into music you can watch. MiniDV
Backwards Cathy Sisler 1992 Un plan unique sur un dos dénudé offre une résistance à notre désir de voir. Une voix de femme raconte. Elle parle de son dos, du corps qui n'est pas transparent, de la douleur, de la difficulté de pouvoir partager cette douleur. 3/4"
Battlefield Jef Harris 2003 Industrial music video. DV
Beacon Eric Walker 1999 With hypnotic image loops and squelching radio noise, BEACON is a fast meditation on microwave relay towers and urban landscape. Betacam

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