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Artist/Director Year Producedsort descending Original Media
Interview-Femme Interieur Angèle Gagnon 1987 VHS
The Darkness Of My Language II Sylvana Afram 1988 The artist was inspired to produce this tape after an extended visit to Montreal. It is a schizophrenic journey into the limitations of language and into the crossing of the borders of communication, culture and the mind through trilingualism. 3/4"
Plastic Dreams Lois Siegel 1988 "Through the use of pixilation, this zany film introduces strange characters and happenings. Statement: The New Cinema Festival, Montreal, now called The Montreal International Festival of New Cinema and New Media, first commissioned 16mm
The Inner Wedding Deborah Chapman 1988 The Inner Wedding is a snapshot of a very ordinary woman's life. Shot from her point of view, it shows how the rituals and crisis of daily life seep and are absorbed into our psyche. 3/4"
Americans Chris Mullington 1988 Shot on Video 8, this video is a collection of dreamlike impressions of a Studebaker ride across the U.S.A. 3/4", Betacam, Hi8
Woman Nena Toth 1989 An experimental film all done in close-ups about a woman. n/a
Sandspit To Dildo Chris Mullington 1989 Shot on Video 8, the first small format video documentary aired on CBC Television. 1989. Mullington worked closely with composer Ed Eagan to produce a soundtrack from the audio gathered in 9 weeks of travel throughout Canada with a camcorder. 3/4", Hi8, Video
Pancake on a Hot Tin Roof Lois Siegel 1990 Dick Tracy move over. Joe Private is on the scene. PANCAKE ON A HOT TIN ROOF is a detective spoof focusing on Joe Private as the detective who does everything wrong. A mysterious lady hires him because somebody is trying to kill her. 16mm
Jon Fredrick - Performance Artist Rob Thompson 1990 This docu-drama explores the work and life of Jon Fredericks, a performance artist who grapples with life and art. 3/4"
Jipuktewik Sipu, River Of Fire Franziska Von Rosen 1991 JIPUKTEWIK SIPU, RIVER OF FIRE features the Micmac storyteller, artist and musician Michael W. Francis. 3/4", Hi8
Still Life Dan Sokolowski 1991 Driftwood images through a day. 16mm
Breakfast Rob Thompson 1991 Breakfast is a music video I made of a punk rock song about breakfast. Statement: An early music video. 3/4"
Tu Veux Que Je Pose Anthony Seck 1991 16mm
Diary Of A Neo-Fascist Rob Thompson 1992 Drawn to the charismatic leader of a neo-fascist gang, a young woman reveals, through her diary, her descent into political and emotional seclusion. n/a
Femme d'Intérieur Angèle Gagnon 1992 n/a
Eulogy Penny McCann 1992 This experimental video is a poetic evocation of ships and journeys, of absence and loss. In a gently lyrical manner, EULOGY reveals the nature of grief and the passage through illness to death and remembrance. 3/4"
L'Abominable Microbe Diane Obomsawin 1992 Une tranche de vie chez les bete de lat terre. Le mot microbe vient du grec<<"mikrobios>> qui veut dire: dont la vie est courte. 3/4"
Backwards Cathy Sisler 1992 Un plan unique sur un dos dénudé offre une résistance à notre désir de voir. Une voix de femme raconte. Elle parle de son dos, du corps qui n'est pas transparent, de la douleur, de la difficulté de pouvoir partager cette douleur. 3/4"
Du noir, Une impulsion lumineuse Angèle Gagnon 1992 3/4"
Nail Polish Yvon Villarceau 1993 The first of the fictional "Vovo Kingdom" series of therapeutic videos in which Dr. Dotolulu suggests trancendental ways to get over the breakup of a love affair, while still remaining friends. n/a
Peaceful Pictures of the World Nena Toth 1993 Peaceful Pictures of the World 16mm
The Sisters Penny McCann 1993 "Etched on a gravestone are the stark facts: three sisters who drowned on the same summer day in 1917. A present-day woman discovers the gravestone and is compelled to uncover the story of the events of their deaths. Betacam
Stars In My Eyes Yvon Villarceau 1993 The first of the fictional ""Vovo Kingdom"" series of therapeutic videos in which Dr. Dotolulu suggests trancendental ways to get over the breakup of a love affair, while still remaining friends. n/a
Work To Live Donna James 1993 Work to Live, is a one minute video tape uses the oral tradition to highlight three women's shared work experience in Canada and Jamaica. It was a commissioned video tape that was produced for the Toronto MAYWORKS Festival of Labour in 1993. n/a
A Porno Mortis Rob Thompson 1993 Pornography is an issue rife with knee jerk responses and emphatic opinions. This video follows the story of one reporter’s attempt to produce an exposé on the life and times of best selling pornographer, Simon Black. Betacam

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