Mabus Trailer
"This is a trailer of a long-term, muti-segment series of shorts that are still in production today! Mabus: Leader of the 'None of the Above' Party, is a Pro-Cloning Canadian Politician, who uses propeganda and guerilla tactics to try and take over the world. Staring Adornato as Mabus, and Wilkinson as his side-kick Sirus, these two have been making these guerilla style performance/productions since Y2K night in Ottawa, and have continued to shoot segments across Canada. This video has since been modified and improved. Please visit Adornato's website to view a newer version of this video, as well as many other new video. www.humanhybridmedia.com."
Marc Adornato

Based in Ottawa, Marc Adornato (BFA) makes art works in a variety of mediums including video, audio, performance and kinetic sculptures. Focusing on Cloning, Genetic Engineering, Politics and Technology; Adornato's work explores the social and political ramifications of his Historical era.
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Ottawa, ON
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