Stop-Motion Animation / Stop-Frame Animation / Pixelation:  These are animation techniques used to manipulate a motionless object into appearing to move on its own.  Join us for a 2-day workshop demonstrating the different methods and techniques used in this rich and inventive animation medium.

The first day of the workshop will be a hands-on experience; participants will work in groups to design a character, build a set, and shoot and animate a scene.  The second portion of the workshop will touch on some of the available stop-motion animation software tools, and how they can be used.  It will cover the post-production involved, from file management, to creating a continuous sequence, editing shots together into a story, and finally outputting your group projects.

Note: Camera and all equipment will be provided for this workshop.  Scenes & props will be provided, but if you have a specific story to be animated please feel free to bring the miniatures, puppets, or set you require.

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