Post-Production Membership

Post- Production Membership - $350 Year of Access from date of purchase

Applying for a Post-Production Membership

SAW Video has changed its process for in-taking Post-Production Memberships. As of November 16th, 2018 all those interested in signing up for or renewing a Post-Production Membership must submit an application, which will be reviewed by SAW Video technical staff. Applications take up to 7 business days to process and applicants will be notified by email about whether their application has been approved.

A Post-Production Membership with SAW Video entitles members to access equipment and the use of our post-production facilities. Post-Production members are entitled to all of the benefits of a basic membership as well as unlimited access to SAW Video's The Loop, during business hours (restrictions apply) and three complimentary private bookings.

Please note that Post-Production Memberships can take up to 7 business days to process. Those interested in Post-Production Membership should budget at least a month in total to obtain membership as most interested parties will be required to take SAW Video’s, Intro to Video Production workshop in order to be eligible.

Who is Eligible for a Post-Production Membership? 

  • Independent video and media artists (Director/creator retains copyright and artistic control, and for which the production/work is neither being produced for a client nor for the purpose of advertising or promotion).
  • Individuals with official training (from a post-secondary institution, SAW Video and or another artist run centre).
  • Self-taught individuals who have at least two years of artistic working experience.

Who is Ineligible for a Post-Production Membership?  

  • Commercial/Freelance Professionals (Director/creator does not retain copyright and artistic control, director/creator is being paid under commercial contract for content and for which the production/work is being produced for a commercial client or for the purpose of advertising or promotion).
  • Individuals without necessary official training (from a post-secondary institution, SAW Video and or another artist run centre).
  • Individuals who produce content which promotes religion and or religious institutions, government bodies, etc.

What You Need to Apply:

  • Tell us about the equipment you have experience with and your experience with post-production (500 words max);
  • Your Resume;
  • 2 Industry References;
  • Scan of applicable post-secondary certificate, diploma, degree, etc.;
  • A link to your website, digital portfolio and or demo-reel.  

How to Apply:

Applications are only accepted digitally via email to Applications with missing information will not be considered. If access to a computer is an impediment, interested parties are welcome to come into the centre and use a SAW Video computer.

Those who are looking to purchase a Post-Production Membership and rent equipment the same day/week should redirect themselves to Vistek/Parktown.
If you have any questions or concerns about your eligibility or the process please email

Please note: If booking for 5 days in a row, post-production members must wait 5 days before booking again.

There is a no-show penalty of $25.