Paranoid science fiction obsessing over the omnipresence of television and radio waves, wireless communications... in our very midst, in us and around us. "...a rockn'roll fantasia, joining 50's horror flicks, swamp guitar, and rave beats in a juiced-up look at the roots of TV." - Mike Hoolboom, Images Festival catalogue. Statement: Initally my early work is concerned with the refusal of a spectacle and battling with the very medium of television; the best children's first exploration of any toy is to see how it breaks. The aim was to hyperbolically push the ideas of mass media to their logical and ridiculous conclusions: sex, death, speed, and power... in an attempt to create physical sensation in the viewer. I wanted to push spectacle far enough so as to elicit a response, to stimulate experience rather than spectatorship. To play with viewers' expectations, with the promise of entertainment, the lure of titillation, followed by the presentation of mindless directions energy, to be engaging and attractive while maintaining an oblique impenetrable wall of amoral ambivalence. There is also the element of divining the true nature of the technology used, so that the artist is not creating but channeling, accessing the aesthesis, the inherent character of the medium; making work which expresses not the position of the artist but that of the machine. Many works are experiments with influencing the perception of time through audio-video media, using rhythm as an incremental measurement of duration, a strict restructuring of time, to break out of time into the experience of the perpetual present, the infinite moment.

Jubal Brown
City, Province
Toronto, ON

Jubal Brown is a video maker, performance artist, and organiser, based in Toronto. He has presented work locally and internationally. Co-Director of the Art System Culture Centre is now, with Tasman Richardson, running the experimental arts media label, Famfame. (

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