Artist Talk with Emily Pelstring

In collaboration with the Ottawa International Animation Festival, Knot Project Space is pleased to present to you a conversation with artist & filmmaker Emily Pelstring.  This artist talk will delve into some of the themes, theories and materials in Pelstring’s body of work.  More specifically, we will discuss the ways in which Pelstring creates meaning by working with physical space and the moving image.  

Login to the festival’s website Sept 23 - Oct 4, to view our talk!  



Automated (some also call it Automatic) Dialogue Replacement is a relatively common process in film-making where actors re-record their dialogue in a studio after the location filming has finished, to match new recordings of their dialogue to the images that were shot in production.


In previous articles, we spoke of various perspectives on volume and dynamics, including measuring sound levels and loudness, and dynamic range.  This article will focus on controlling sound levels through using tools for controlling volume, the dynamics processors that you might find in your audio or video editing software.