Blender: 3D Modelling & Animation for Beginners

Blender Box Images


This 2-afternoon workshop is aimed at filmmakers who are interested in learning how to create simple 3D models and animations using Blender, a free and open-source 3D creation suite.

Participants will be guided through the creation of a low-poly 3D landscape. Working through this example, they will be introduced to the Blender interface and learn how to add, edit and colour 3D objects. They will also be shown how to position virtual cameras and frame shots, how to add lights and adjust shadows and how to render still images of their scenes. 

Participants will be introduced to animation using a 3D model of a T-Rex. Starting with basic key-framing of location, rotation and scale they will then be shown how to rig the T-Rex with a skeleton and how to pose it and keyframe the poses. Animations (wide shots and close-ups) of the TRex rampaging through the low-poly landscape will then be rendered and imported into Blender's Video Editor where cross-fades, sounds and titles will be added to the movies.

The workshop will end with a showcase of everyone's final movies.


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