Smartphone Filmmaking (Online)


Years ago, the idea of shooting short movies on your camera phone wasn’t possible. But as our phones become larger, more powerful and evermore like mini media centers, mobile filmmaking using tablets, phablets and phones has become a popular way to make short films.

When Sean Baker’s breakout indie “Tangerine” arrived in 2015, its ambitious production caught a lot of attention from the film community due to the originality of its production — it was shot exclusively on a trio of iPhone 5s. The movie was not the first to use the smart phone as its primary camera, but it was the most recognized in a burgeoning field of filmmakers using phones as their primary means of production. The trend hasn’t slowed down.

In this workshop, you will learn the basic techniques of filmmaking and how you can use these techniques to create a short film using a smart phone. 

In this workshop, we will highlight the following:

  • Camera controls and applications for smart phones
  • Camera movements and Camera stabilization 
  • Frame composition and Video shot types 
  • Audio recording basics 
  • Lighting techniques for filming with a smart phone
  • Video editing apps and techniques 
  • General tips for video production and post production

*In a effort to support artists during the COVID-19 pandemic, SAW Video is offering a free workshop series during the month of April for SAW Video members and members of the Ottawa arts community at large. 
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Duration in hours
Link for live streaming will be sent to registrants on Monday April 20th.
Workshop Dates
Tuesday April 21 2020, 5:00 - 8:00 pm


Photo of Aia Raafat

My name is Aia Raafat, I'm a filmmaker, a movie editor and a graphic designer. I did my master’s in Communications and Media Studies at Ottawa University with a focus on analyzing video content on social media platforms. I am a certified user for Adobe Premiere, Adobe After effects, Adobe Photoshop and Apple FinalcutX.

I worked in post-production for several years and I also led different video production roles by being a part of the creative team at the UNISDR 3rd world conference on DRR - Daytime Ottawa crew at RogerTV cable 22 - DW broadcasting channel in Bonn, Germany - Uottawa Online Hybrid courses project.