About Workshops

*COVID-19 Update, May 7th, 2020.

In an effort to support artists during the COVID-19 pandemic, SAW Video offered a free workshop series during the month of April. In case you haven't had the opportunity to watch the workshops live, you'll find the link available under Archive. 

If you like to register for any of our educational offerings available this summer but is currently struggling with your finances due to COVID-19, SAW Video is offering a Covid-19 impacted payment option for individuals whose income has been affected due to the current pandemic.  

SAW Video offers a wide range of training and artistic-professional development opportunities for media artists, artists in other disciplines seeking to explore video in their work, and those who are interested in independent learning. SAW Video's workshops cover a broad range of topics from pre-production, production, post production and more experimental ideas.

SAW Video members receive discounts on all workshops. For non-members, you can access discounts on workshops by heading to our 'Get Involved' section and purchase your membership today. In addition to hands-on practice during workshops, free access to equipment for follow-up practice is offered on specified post-production workshops.

Who Is Eligible to Register for Workshops?

Workshops are open to SAW Video members and the general public engaged in the creation of non-commercial, independent productions and work (Non-commercial, independent productions are productions for which the director retains copyright and artistic control, and for which the production is neither being produced for a client nor for the purpose of advertising or promotion).

Who Is Ineligible for Workshops?

SAW Video does not offer our workshops to persons employed by any government body or any major corporation if the resources are being used to facilitate benefit for one’s employer or for corporate professional development within one of these kinds of organizations. Our workshops are heavily subsidized as they are available only for independent artists/learners who cannot typically afford to take corporate rate workshops. 

You can find non-subsidized workshops from our friends at: SPAO or Henry's

Suggestions or specific requests for types of training should be sent to access@sawvideo.com


Registering for Workshops

In order to register for workshops, all SAW Video workshop members need to email access@sawvideo.com with your name and desired workshop. Confirmation of registration will be sent via email.


If you are unable to attend a registered workshop we ask that workshop members provide at least 48 hours notice. A no show penalty of $25 will be applied to workshop members who do not attend their registered workshop (allowances will be made for legitimate emergency situations).