In this puppet video, a golem is sewn together out of socks and sent to maintain society's status quo. It does this with a vengeance, even transforming himself into a model citizen. Statement: Our intent was to discover joy in creating as a co-operative act. The story, which involves the act of creation, seemed well suited to this venture. The crude sets and the presence of hands break the illusion that cinema usually tries to maintain, and allows us to welcome our audience to share in the creative process.

Gerald Saul
City, Province
Regina, SK

Gerald Saul is a Regina-based film artist whose work ranges from drama to experimental and animation. He is a professor of film and video production at the University of Regina Department of Media Production and Studies and a long-time member of the Saskatchewan Filmpool Co-operative. His recent work includes hand-processed 16mm films with three film series' "Toxic", "Modern", and "Grain". He is currently working on a half-animated, half-puppeteered sequel to "The Golem of Socks", entitled "Sockville". (

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