A surly, foulmouthed bounty hunter cares more about getting his laundry done than saving his kidnapped ex-girlfriend from a delusional and mostly harmless masked man. A black and white no budget look into a big budget comic book universe.

Josh Stafford
City, Province
Ottawa, ON

Josh was born on March 26, 1976 in Quebec, but has lived most of his life in Ottawa. At the age of three, his mom brought him to the drive-in to see Star Wars. The next summer, his dad brought him to see his first movie in a theatre: The Empire Strikes Back. He had a long and fruitful childhood filled with comics and toys (both of which he collects to this day). He attended Canterbury Arts High School, and in 1995 he attended Vancouver Film School. After graduation, he spent some time in Los Angeles, and also worked as a production assistant on a no-budget feature. In the fall of 1999, he will be directing his first feature length film, "Mythic Hero". His biggest career goal is to establish Batturtle Productions as a major production company working out of Ottawa. (www.angelfire.com/film/batturtuleproductions)

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