A man leaves his office on a Friday after work. It's a beautiful day and he decides to break from his regular routine of the subway and walk home instead. On his way, he matches pace with a young student and, clearly, the sidewalk is not big enough for the two of them. It does not end well.

Michael Clowater
City, Province
Toronto, ON

My name is Michael Clowater. I am a copywriter at an advertising agency in Toronto. This is my first higher-end production live-action short (I shot two others with a super 8 camera as practice for this one). This is my second film. My first was called "Alfred's New Dog" and played at Film Festivals, the internet, as well as the Guggenheim museum in NYC (part of a program on independent shorts for children). Currently, I'm in pre-production on a documentary about Toronto Taxi drivers. I am also still trying to think of something good for a longer format short with dialogue - what the practice was all about.

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