JumpstART 2018 Artists and Mentors

SAW Video Media Arts Centre is proud to welcome a new cohort of artists and mentors into the 2018 edition of JumpstART, our longest running grant program. Artists participating in JumpstART 2018 include Rachel Gray, Lynda Hall, Mona Osman, Liliana Reckless, and Jeannette Tossounnian. These emerging media artists will be supported by a group of established media artists and filmmakers, including some former JumpstART participants.The works produced will be presented by SAW Video in the summer of 2019. Our 2018 mentors are Lesley Marshall, Cooper, Penny McCann, Gaby Warrior-Renaud, and Radamis Zaky.

JumpstART is SAW Video Media Art Centre's granting program that provides financial and technical assistance every year to aspiring Ottawa-based filmmakers and artists looking to produce their first films. The program has been in existence for over thirty years and has helped to produce more than 80 films of dramatic, documentary and experimental genres.