Resources to Develop Your Media Production and Visual Art Skills

It is always a perfect time to look for free tools to develop your skills and elevate your artistic practice.  Here are a few resources that can help you explore new perspectives, techniques, and approaches to video art and cinematography:

New York’s Museum of Modern Art is currently offering free visual art courses through Coursera:

Class Central is a general learning site offering free courses (some even with certification) including this one from Harvard on Photography:

The Sundance Film Festival is offering their Masterclasses for free:

The Ontario Film Commission and Ontario Creates have also listed some Professional Development and Learning Resources

Other folks have made lists of what’s available and so other resources can also be found here:

Also of note is the recent initiative by the USA Library of Congress, called Citizen DJ.  They have made accessible a series of sound recordings for folks to download and use in their work, and even provide an online app to help you remix your chosen material.

Hopefully these will provide inspiration, ideas and skill enhancement and help us all figure out how best to practice our art in these changing times.  Do you know of experimental film and media art resources that you think our members should know about?  Let us know at

Photo by Math on Unsplash