Audio Technicians Freelance Roster Call

Join the freelance roster for our new audio suite!

SAW Video is excited to open up our brand new, purpose built audio suite to our membership as of October 7th and we are seeking professional audio technicians to apply to our freelance roster. Our audio suite will be used specifically within a video and media art context and therefore we are looking for technicians that are flexible, multi-talented and can handle a varied workload. Audio technicians joining our roster will provide session work, including basic audio recording, mixing and editing duties for our Producing Membership, under the protocols and supervision of SAW Video technical staff, on a freelance basis; note that this will include independent scheduling and contracting that will not be facilitated by SAW Video. 

Our audio technicians are expected to adhere to charging our fee minimum of $35/hr at a 2 hour minimum booking and other applicable SAW Video policies.  Audio technicians will also be expected to undergo a half-day training session with SAW Video technical staff before commencing work. 


  • Audio production and/or audio post-production certification (and/or equivalent and relevant work experience); 
  • Proven experience using Adobe Creative Cloud software (especially Premiere and Audition). Experience with DaVinci Resolve, Cuckos Reaper, Logic X Pro and Izotope RX7 considered a strong asset; 
  • Excellent people skills and verbal/written communication skills; 
  • Ability to speak French is considered a strong asset.  

SAW  Video  strongly  encourages  womxn  interested  and  experienced  in  STEAM  (Science,  Technology,  Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) to consider applying to our roster. 

To apply to join our audio technician roster, please submit a PDF of your CV by email to Jenna Spencer, Chief of Staff at .