Training Space

SAW Video offers a multi-use training space for rent within our centre. The training space is ideal for workshops, presentations, board meetings, jury selection, etc. The training space can also be rented by corporations who are ineligible to attend our regularly programmed, subsidized workshops. SAW Video can offer private instruction based on our workshop models (and specific technical training based on request) to interested corporations, at our corporate rates below.


SAW Video’s Training Space is available for bookings Monday-Friday, 10am-6pm.


  • Wifi access;

  • 5 work tables (each sits 2), 1 instructor table, 11 chairs (access to additional chairs can be arranged for a fee);

  • Access to the Training Space presentation package (iMac, mounted HD projector, screen, and PA system);

  • 4 meter long whiteboard wall w/ dry erase markers, small portable whiteboard w/ dry erase markers.

*Access to a hired SAW Video instructor can be arranged for an additional fee;

*Access to four additional iMacs can be arranged based on request, availability and for an additional fee.

Nature of Booking

SAW Video’s training space is available only for training, educational and meeting purposes. This has included professional development, seminars, jury sessions, post-secondary lectures, etc. It is not to be used as a satellite office space.

Room Rental Rates

Not-for-Profit Rate

  • $125 for a half-day (4 hours)

  • $250 for a full-day (8 hours)

Corporate Rate

  • $500 half day (4 hours)

  • $1000 full day (8 hours)

*Bookings by the hour are not available.

Making a Booking

Bookings can be requested, here


SAW Video aims to be fair and responsive to our many interested parties in gaining access to our training space. To make this possible we ask that you provide notice of cancellation 5 business days in advance of wanted booking. The failure to do so will result in the application of late cancellation fees (50% of total invoiced fee). All cancellations are to be sent via email to

Code of Conduct


Renters are expected to leave the space the way that they found it. Art supplies such as paint, ink, permanent markers, glitter, glue, are forbidden in the space without consultation. If damage occurs in the space renters must inform SAW Video staff and may be subject to a cleaning/repair fee.


Absolutely no food or drink are permitted in the space. There is a lounge located just outside of the training space where renters are welcome to convene.  

Noise Levels

Please remember that our training space is in the middle of gallery/exhibition spaces as well as professional offices. Out of respect for our neighbours, please keep noise to a conversational level and recorded audio no louder than our presets.


Questions? Please email