RESOLUTION 2020 | New Works By SAW Video Members


SAW Video Media Art Centre is proud to present its annual RESOLUTION screening, on Friday January 17th, 2020 at 7pm. Featuring a selection of videos produced by our members in 2019. This year’s line-up of works showcases the broad scope of artistic practices in which our members are engaged. Artists will be in attendance to participate in a brief Q&A with the audience following the screening.

RESOLUTION 2020 will feature works by Anna Eyler and Nicolas Lapointe, Matthieu Hallé, Tim I. Smith, Edgar Rene Hernandez, Nicole Bedford, Carol Howard Donati, Conrad Osei-Bonsu, Penny McCann and Travis Boisvenue.

The event is pay what you can (suggested $5 donation), all ages and open to the public. A cash bar will be available during the reception following the screening.

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Program Schedule 

Friday January 17th, 2020 | Arts Court Theatre | 2 Daly Avenue, Ottawa, ON

7:00pm – Doors

7:30pm – Screening

8:30pm – Q+A

9:00pm – 10:00pm – Reception


La Fable d’OxA 21965

Anna Eyler and Nicolas Lapointe | 2019 | Sci-fi Animation | 6 Minutes 

La Fable d’OxA 21965 considers material culture within the context of geological (or deep) time. Evoking at once an architectural frieze and an archaeological timeline, this looping video work surveys a computer-generated virtual landscape comprised of 3D scanned artifacts and architecture from the Girona province. Reflecting on the immense ecological (and geological) pressures of tourism specifically (and contemporary life, more broadly), La Fable d’OxA 21965 imagines future fossils of the digital age, and places them on equal footing with the architectural wonders of civilizations past. In this distant future, the artists themselves masquerade in Hazmat suits, scouring the landscape in vain for some unknown (or perhaps, unattainable) material.

Anna Eyler and Nicolas Lapointe are multidisciplinary artists based in Montreal, Canada. In their collaborative practice, Eyler and Lapointe use media-based sculpture and video to investigate the impacts that new technologies have on our collective consciousness. Drawing inspiration from the visual vocabularies of data centers, science fiction literature, and video games, the artists consider if and how we can come to terms with our increasingly mediated experiences. Eyler and Lapointe are currently their completing their MFA degrees in Sculpture and Ceramics at Concordia University (2017-).



Matthieu Hallé | 2019 | Music Video | 5 Minutes

A music video for Merganzer's instrumental track Dreamery.

Matthieu Hallé is a filmmaker based in Ottawa. 


The Crossways

Tim I. Smith | 2019 | Experimental | 3 Minutes 

The Crossways is a manipulated time-lapse video of a Toronto apartment complex that shares the title's name. Charged moments of the building's illuminated windows were selected from a 2 hour time-lapse then recomposed to the soundtrack 'Lees Avenue No.2 - Intime' by Mika Posen. She composed this track for her recent album 'Montage' using my video 'Lees Avenue' for her creation process. I then, in turn, created this new work using her track as a starting point. Finding beauty in the everyday urban environment is a common theme in my work. As dusk falls on this large apartment complex the life within it is illuminated.

Tim I. Smith's work makes use of still and moving photographic imagery to create unique time-based environments. He studied in the UK, receiving a BA in Fine Art from Brighton University and an MA in Photography from Nottingham Trent, where he researched the changes in viewing practices brought about by digital screens. His video installations have been exhibited locally and internationally, and he has maintained a career as a freelance director of photography, video editor and visual effects artist for the past 10 years. Currently, Tim is working as a videographer and video editor for the federal government of Canada. He has been an active member of the SAW Video community since 2011.


Heroes of Pollination

Edgar Rene Hernandez | 2019 | Documentary | 7 Minutes 

This 7-minute documentary is about three incredible individuals exploring how pollinator and plants are dealing in our environment. Jeff a research scientist, Jessica an associate professor and Berit a Gardner, three incredible members of the Wild Pollinator Partners community are inspired to share their experience on wild pollinator within our environment. They are interested in wild pollinators, concerned about their survival and are motivated to make a difference.

Edgar Hernandez is an artist whose work in sculpture, film, media projection, and digital technologies focuses on the difficult questions of habitat renewal, conservation and restoration. Born in Guatemala, Edgar Hernandez is based in Ottawa, Canada. He holds degrees in art and design, including a BFA (Sculpture and Media) from the University of Ottawa, 2015; and, a Diploma in graphic computing from La Cite. In 2015, the artist was awarded the University of Ottawa prize in sculpture. Nonetheless, this busy working artist still finds time to be an active community volunteer. He helps out at the Vanier Museopark Sugar Festival, the Wild Pollinator Partners Network and the Nectar New Edinburgh Community & Arts Centre. He also contributes to community projects in Guatemala and the Dominican Republic.  


Nicole Bedford | 2019 | Documentary | 4 Minutes 

Knit together from the subjective insights of 13 unique women, ROAR is a contemplative docu-poem that challenges how we define power.

Nicole Bedford is a director and media artist based in Ottawa, Ontario. An avid storyteller from a very young age, Nicole has paired her artistic expressions with her academic background to explore complex concepts through documentary film. Ultimately, her passion for video stems from a desire to help build a collective sense of community through the shared parts of our individual experiences.


No Barriers Between

Carol Howard Donati | 2019 | Animation | 2 Minutes 

This video, inspired by looking underwater in the Ottawa River at Petrie Island, was created using a camera-less technique. 336 individual frames were made from acetate and hand coloured with photo transfers and acrylics. The frames were digitally scanned in the format of a 35 mm film strip.

Carol Howard Donati an interdisciplinary artist of settler background working with print, paint, digital imagery, and found materials. She is currently in 2nd year of the MFA program at the University of Ottawa. 


The Controlled Demolition of Sophia's House

Conrad Osei-Bonsu | 2019 | Experimental | 4 Minutes 

Sophia goes through a breakup.

Conrad Osei is a writer and filmmaker based in Toronto, via Ottawa.



Penny McCann | 2019 | Experimental | 9 Minutes 

An experimental triptych filmed in Super 8 and 16mm over a four year period, Phenomena continues the artist’s evolving preoccupation with landscape and celluloid practices. Three scenes are observed: a snowstorm in downtown Ottawa, a gentle winter thaw at Mer Bleue bog, and the raging Ottawa river during spring run-off. The simple act of observation is transformed into a post-modern cataloging of events, prompting the viewer to wonder to what extent the natural world and phenomena can exist unmediated in filmed representation.

Penny McCann's body of work spans more than twenty-five years and encompasses both dramatic and experimental films and videos.  Her work has been exhibited extensively at festivals and galleries nationally and internationally, including the Centre national d'art contemporain (Grenoble, France), the Hamburg International Short Film Festival (Hamburg, Germany), Experiments in Cinema (Albuquerque, New Mexico), and the Festival International du film sur l'art (Montreal, Quebec).  


Summer Alone

Travis Boisvenue | 2019 | Documentary | 8 Minutes 

Short film about a mysterious musician who lives alone in nature. An abstract meditation on loneliness, the wilderness, and creativity.

Travis Boisvenue is a journalist turned music video director whose work as appeared in Vice, MuchMusic, CBC Music, and festivals across Canada.Travis is also the co-host of nationally syndicated music interview radio show CITY SLANG.

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