Resolution 2018

Photo from the event
Photo from event
Penny McCann presents the Rob Thompson award to Izabel Barsive

Thanks to everyone who came out to this Resolution screening.  It was a really nice night that showed the depth and breadth of work done by our members.Congratulations to Izabel Barsive, the winner of the Rob Thompson Award. Félicitations, Izabel, very deserving, indeed!

Our new Hub space is up and running. The Hub is available to all producing members from 10am to 3pm, plus you get three free bookings between 2pm and 10:30pm. All producing members should have received an email about how to activate your Hub membership. When you’re in next, all you have to do is sign a Hub agreement and you’ll get your secret code!
Our audio suite is still under construction but is coming along.  Doors were installed this week.  Our hope is to have it operational in April.   If you’re interested in using the audio suite as well as our new digital editing suite, you may want to consider our new Post-production membership for $350 per year. We also have a new Workshop membership at $300 that’s becoming very popular.
And if you haven’t yet seen the space, please come by – staff would be happy to give you a tour!