"Mi'kmwesu" is an experimental music video on the elusive world of the mythical Mi'kmwesu, a trickster figure in Mi'kmwesu cosmology. The Mi'kmwesu has the power of transformation and transcendence as it slides through time and space. It is invoked by the elderly storyteller who weaves tales of people getting lost deep in the woods, hearing the alluring music of the trickster, and being transformed by the sound.

Franziska Von Rosen
City, Province
Lanark, ON

Producer and director, Pinegrove Productions. As a videographer, Franziska's particular interest has been for creating social and environmental documentaries, including, among others, "Jipuktewik Sipu" (1991, AMTEC award), "River of Fire: Celebration of Life" (1994) - screened at the Atlantic Film Festival (1995) and at the VITAS Film Festival at UCLA, Los Angeles (1995), "Deer at the Northern Limit" (1999) a two-part educational series, "The Return of the Wild Turkey" (in progress), and an experimental music video "Mi'kmwesu" (2000); screened at the One World Film Festival, Ottawa, 2000. Her latest challenge has been as story editor for "Getting Away with Murder" (2000), a documentary on the displaced peoples of Colombia, screened at the One World Film Festival, Ottawa, 2000.

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