Welcome to Night School at SAW Video

We're launching a new, FREE lecture series in 2019!

SAW Video’s Night School is a bi-monthly, free, lecture series designed to provide the basic fundamentals of media arts, theories and current works of significance and interest. We want to demystify this constantly evolving form of ours. Night School is divided into four lectures: 

The Fundamentals of Media Art // January 17th, 2019, 6pm-9pm. Read more.
The Moving Image // March 14th, 2019 
(Lecture covers analogue/digital video art, new media and interdisciplinary forms)
Alternate Realities // May 9th, 2019 
(Lecture covers virtual reality, art gaming, interactivity and animation)
Frequencies // July 11th, 2019 
(Lecture covers audio art, performance, installation, performance & sound, installation & sound)

This is a free event series for SAW Video members and members of the arts community at large. You are eligible to attend these lectures if you are: a SAW Video member, professional artist, creator, arts/cultural worker, looking to experiment in a new discipline, admirer & or advocate for video and media arts. Attendance at every lecture is not necessary but recommended for a well rounded education!