Food and sex. Memory and desire. Sweat and lust. Nature and civilization. All this in seven minutes? All this and more, actually. An amusing and incisively oblique film about generational tension and body consciousness, "Cream Sauce" delivers a stylish, politically spiced defense of female appetite. This playful drama of desire and repression weaves three stories about creamy dishes told by a woman from childhood to adulthood. Recalling her mother's painful secret of eating less and remembering her grandmother serving up an appalling swill called "shipwreck," Helen (Kristen Thomson) tries to enjoy a creamy dish at a restaurant. When she finally decides to fight for food against her mother's loud protests, not only is she affirming her appetite, but also her independence as a woman and a lover. "Cream Sauce" is a short film filled with insight and humour, as well as a distinctive visual style. An award winner at the National Screen Institute (Edmonton), Ottawa-based writer and director Susan Terrill is a talent full of promise. By Tom McSorley, from Take One.

Susan Terrill
City, Province
Montrose, CA

Susan Terrill's first independent production, "Growing Up and Liking It", a documentary on menstruation, received the Best Director's Award and a Sony Award at the 1992 NYU Video Festival, and was a co-winner at the Grand Prix Documentaire at the Festival du Jeune Cinéma in Montreal. She has also produced "Straighten Up", a cheesily-animated video which has been widely screened and broadcast. Susan is also one of the 1997 N.S.I. Drama winners for "The Chicken Tree".

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