For almost 40 years, you have known us as SAW Video Co-op, SAW Video Media Arts Centre or just SAW Video. You got us mixed up with SAW Gallery, you stopped wondering what “SAW” actually stands for. And if you were not privy to what we actually do, you have mistaken us for a video rental store. You have.

Coming out of hiding from our end-of-dark-corridor basement location into bright open space for all the world to see, we think it is time to let the world know what we do – we are Ottawa’s DIGITAL ARTS RESOURCE CENTRE, in short: DARC.

Artist Talk with Emily Pelstring

In collaboration with the Ottawa International Animation Festival, Knot Project Space is pleased to present to you a conversation with artist & filmmaker Emily Pelstring.  This artist talk will delve into some of the themes, theories and materials in Pelstring’s body of work.  More specifically, we will discuss the ways in which Pelstring creates meaning by working with physical space and the moving image.  

Login to the festival’s website Sept 23 - Oct 4 here to view our talk!