Images of the Canadian industrial landscape melt into one another. Materials are processed and reprocessed through real-time digital tools and meticulously animated sequences. Sampled reels include a train ripping a snowy Algoma landscape in half, leaving a fantastic and huge trail of smoke, and a cargo ship falling sideways into the Georgian Bay. These images might have been better left untouched or un-remixed. Soundscape by Ottawa electronic music heroes, "if then do". In the spirit of openness, all public domain research materials from this project are available for download at The artists encourage further experimentation with these stunning images. A list of web links will be compiled to track the future life of the materials.

Ryan Stec & Véronique Couillard
City, Province
Ottawa, ON

Ryan Stec is a Winnipeg-born/Ottawa-based media artist and curator. His work experience and community involvement spans a wide variety of disciplines and interests. He has been heavily involved in the artist-run culture of Ottawa since 1998. He is currently the Artistic Director of Artengine. Véronique Couillard is a visual artist who works mostly with video, live video performances, and video installation. A graduate from the fine arts program at the University of Ottawa, her work has been exhibited in Moncton, Guelph, Saskatoon, Québec, Tracadie-Sheila, Gatineau, and other Canadian cities and towns, as well as in Cape Town (South Africa) and Vaasa (Finland).

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