the loop

The Loop functions as a co-working, collaborative workspace available to SAW Video producing members only (includes organizational producing members & post-production members). You can find more information about our membership levels here.  


Monday - Friday : 9am - 11:00pm* (Private bookings available as of 3pm)
Saturday & Sunday : 9am - 11:00pm* (Private bookings available as of 12pm)

* No private booking = all access.
* Subject to holiday hours and closures.
* Occasionally will close earlier/be unavailable for SAW Video events and SAW Video residencies.
* Arts Court (our building) opens as of 9am and closes as of 11pm. Please ensure that you have left the building no later than 11:00pm or else you will be removed by Arts Court security.

  • Free wifi access;
  • Access to the Loop presentation package (projector/screen);
  • Modular board table (seats 12), small modular meeting table (seats up to 4), laptop bar (seats 4), 4 meter long whiteboard wall w/ dry erase markers;
  • Loop lounge space w/ 2 comfy couches, a stocked video and media art resource library and audio system;
  • Kitchenette w/ a full sized fridge, microwave, coffee maker (12 cups), kettle, etc.
Use of Space & Nature of Bookings

The use of the Loop is for video and media art specific work. As the space is only available to SAW Video producing members, users must be working in the field of video/media art/in the arts generally while in the space. This has included writing grants, project development, editing, daily operations (for organizational producing members), etc.

Private bookings are available under the same pretenses. Private bookings have included meeting with cast/crew, meeting with a mentor/curator/collaborator about a project/exhibition, hosting a workshop/talk/presentation, hosting a volunteer orientation session, hosting a staff meeting, etc.

The Loop does not function as a satellite office space for work outside of the video and media art field. 

If you have any questions about the use of the Loop please contact

Making a Private Booking

Private bookings can be requested here. Check the Loops availability here:


Please note that all private bookings are subject to approval and only when in receipt of a confirmation email are you entitled to private access. Private booking requests are only available during SAW Video office hours (Monday-Friday, 10am-6pm).

All producing members are entitled to 3 free private bookings with their membership fee. Once members have surpassed their 3 free private bookings there is an additional fee of $10.00 per hour to privately book the space.

Codes of Conduct


The Loop is diligently kept tidy by SAW Video and City of Ottawa staff but as a community space it is expected that all members clean up after themselves and re-arrange furniture to it’s original configuration after use. Art supplies such as paint, ink, permanent markers, glitter, glue, are forbidden in the space without consultation. If damage occurs in the space members must inform SAW Video staff and may be subject to a cleaning/repair fee.

Noise Levels

Please remember that this is a shared space with other members. Please keep noise to a conversational level out of respect for those needing to concentrate. Absolutely no audio is to be played without headphones.

Meeting Size

We ask that during all access hours members keep their meetings to 4 people and under so as to not dominate the space for other users. If your meeting involves more than 4 people you must privately book the space.


No alcohol is to be consumed on the premises without the purchase of a Special Occasion Permit. If your private booking involves the consumption and or sale of alcohol you must consult SAW Video staff and with their approval purchase and share copy of SOP for our event with SAW Video.

Babies & Puppies

The Loop is a child friendly environment, so long as your baby does not disturb/disrupt those also working in the space. SAW Video loves puppies but due to allergies we ask that dogs are not brought into the space. However, assistance dogs are very welcome. 


Questions? Please email