As an urban dweller, the city was making me sick at heart. So one day I leapt on my bike and discovered the Experimental Farm. There I could watch the duckies and pet the cowies, and wander beneath ancient treeies. The bike ride healed my soul and I was amazed how such a wonderful place could co-exist in such a bleak urban environment. I soon began to think about all the different realities I passed through each day and how the macro view often distanced me from the micro view. I decided to make a video that pulled the viewer screaming into my own personal co-existing worlds of the mental, mechanical, spiritual and natural.

Rob Thompson
City, Province
Ottawa, ON

Rob was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada. He began his career in the arts by writing music for the Penguin Theatre Company. In his early twenties, Rob enrolled in the Algonquin College film production course, and after graduation he wrote and directed a number of films including the feature film, "Undercurrents". It was not long, however, before Rob developed an interest in video and joined the SAW Video Co-op where he produced much of his early work. Rob served for many years on the SAW Video Management Committee and eventually as Chair of the board.

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