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Liz Clarke a.k.a HTBSLE (pronounced hitta-baseelay) is a Scarborough born multi-disciplined creative. Her humble origins in the arts stem from writing stories in her childhood, sparking a passion that later developed into pursuing spoken word poetry. She has grown into an all-around hip hop artist since launching her rap career in 2019 under the alias HTBSLE, representative of her first name Elisabeth spelled backwards. She has released several singles that premiered in her debut Unmixed Tape “the humanities”. She is an award winning community builder and an accredited community educator who defines herself as a social artist, focused on using her creative content to influence long-term social impact. Her passions for visual artistry, piano composition, event coordination, videography and public speaking have led her to host her own events for young Black folks in Ottawa, to start her own business to support womxn content creators and has led to collaborations with extraordinary local and international creatives and artists.

HTBSLE is taking charge to set an example and lead the next generation of young creatives to live in the full potential and authenticity of their creative purpose.