Annette Hegel, Director

Annette Hegel is a working multi-media artist who has exhibited her work in Canada and in Europe.

Jenna Spencer, Chief of Staff

Jenna Spencer is a musician and multidisciplinary artist hailing from Southern Ontario.

Tanise Marchesan Cabral , Community Access and Education Manager

Tanise Marchesan Cabral holds a Bachelor of Design degree in Visual Communication from Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing, in Brazil. From there she tran

Koliah Bourne, Bookkeeper

Koliah Bourne is a partner and head of finance and sponsorships at SHIFTER.

Anyse Ducharme, Artistic Programmer

Anyse Ducharme is a francophone media artist from Northeastern Ontario. Her artistic practice is engaged with the circulation of digital imagery and the malleability of data.

Laura Gruber, Programming Assistant

Laura Gruber holds a Bachelor’s degree in Art History and is interested in Curatorial Studies.

Gary Franks, Engagement and Mobilization Manager

In 2019, Gary Franks won “Best Analog Photograph” at SPAO’s A+ Exhibition; he was awarded the Project X Photography fund through the Ottawa Arts Council; and he was a finalist for the 2019 Figurewo

Maryam Sayid, Communications Assistant

Maryam Sayid is a Marketing Strategist with a passion for communication.

Christopher Payne, Technical Strategist

Christopher Payne works predominantly with sound, light, and video, as experiential tools.

Jason Sonier, Equipment Manager

Jason Sonier studied music performance and film at Carleton University while also starting a technical career with work at CKCU.

Dan Kaunisviita, Post-Production Coordinator

Dan Kaunisviita is a multidisciplinary artist and carbon-based life form that works in the mediums of video, design, music and sound.

Board of Directors

The SAW Video board of directors consists of 3-12 members, each elected for three-year terms. Elections are held annually at the members’ annual general meeting. Board members may serve consecutive terms but must stand for re-election by the membership.

Board Member Profiles

Sonia Vani

Sonia Vani, Chair

Sonia Giannina Vani, B.A., B.Ed, M.A., is an artist and communications consultant.

Sifiso Nobela

Sifiso Nkosinathi Nobela, Vice Chair

Sifiso holds an international diploma in film direction from Center for Research in Art of Film and Television in India.

Manuel Sousa

Manuel Sousa, Treasurer

Manuel Sousa is an administrative professional living in Ottawa.

Amanda Feder

Amanda Feder , Secretary

Amanda has extensive experience in the Canadian film and television industry.

Byron Pascoe

Byron Pascoe

Byron practices law at Ottawa’s entertainment law boutique, Edwards PC, Creative Law ( helping creators of animated and live-action televisi

Carole O'Brien

Carole O’Brien

Carole got her start as a media arts practitioner at the Winnipeg Film Group where, and for 20+ years, she was also a member of its board of directors.

Deborah Margo

Katherine Khedni Wyatt 

Katherine Khedni Wyatt 

Katherine Khedni Wyatt is a multi-media artist working in Ottawa, Ontario.

Kathryn Desplanque

Tina Le Moine

Tina Le Moine

Tina received a BA in Media Arts at the AKI Academy of Art & Design in Holland. Her graduation film, Texas-Diners, won second prize at the second International Video Festival Friesland.

Chris Mullington

Chris Mullington

Chris Mullington first joined SAW Video in 1982. During the rest of that decade he was one of the co-op’s most active members and was on the board of directors for several years.

Board Committees

Board committees are comprised of board members, staff, general members, and sometimes also non-members with a particular interest or expertise. Committees report to the SAW Video board of directors. Members of SAW Video are encouraged to contribute to the livelihood of the organization through active participation in committees.


The communications committee guides the centre on marketing, promotions and member communications.


The human resources committee makes policy recommendations about human resources and personnel matters.


The outreach committee strives to research, create, initiate and coordinate outreach in SAW Video’ community and the video/media arts community at large.


The equipment committee identifies equipment priorities and makes recommendations about technology directions, acquisitions, and policy related to members’ access.


The programming committee makes recommendations about the organization’s artistic programming calendar and actively supports programming initiatives. It also sometimes participates in the artist selection process for initiatives such as commissioning programs, members’ screenings, and SAW Video’s annual recommendations to the Ontario Arts Council for its Exhibition Assistance grant program.


The workshop committee makes recommendations about the organization’s workshop programming.


The fundraising committee makes recommendations about annual fundraising strategies and actively participates in fundraising initiatives.


The video archiving/preservation committee makes recommendations to ensure the maintenance of SAW Video’s media archives and the preservation of artists’ work.