Tech Support

Tech Support Clinic at SAW Video | Thursdays 2PM-5PM by appointment

Having an issue with your equipment, edit, sound mix, or other challenges with your project? Good news! If you are a current member of SAW Video you can now schedule one-on-one time with our Post-Production Coordinator Dan Kaunisviita, by appointment, on Thursdays between 2PM-5PM to ask your questions.

SAW Video staff receive a lot of technical questions from members each week so, to better serve you and help you address a problem or answer a question too complicated to address in 5 minutes or less, we’re making time available on Thursdays to share insights, tips, and help you work through your technical issues.

Contact Post-Production Coordinator Dan Kaunisviita at or 613.238.7648 ext 3 to book a session now.