"By Myself" is a tale of a young boy who embarks on a journey through a man's public washroom on his own. In light of today's changing world of single families and urban fears, this small step towards independence takes on more significance. This short film combines live action and animation in a playful style that reflects the child's point of view - from the cautious surveillance of a stranger to a sense of pride in conquering the everyday challenges we often take for granted.

Cristina Usubiaga
City, Province
Winnipeg, MB

Cristina Usubiaga embarked on idependent filmmaking after many years of working in more commercial media endeavours such as broadcast radio, advertising, and copy editing. She is one of the first ten members to have joined IFCO when it first opened its doors in 1991, and produced her first short film, "By Myself", in 1994. The film was well received at numerous festivals, including Uppsala International Short Film Festival, and premiered on CBC's Canadian Reflections later that year. She produced her next short film, "The Third Hand", in 1996, and embarked on the development of her first feature film project, "Buscando Sentido" (Searching for Meaning), in 1998. In 2001, she was one of four IFCO filmmakers commissioned to produce a short commemorative film, "Frank's Psalm", in honour of the late Ottawa filmmaker Frank Cole. That same year, Cristina wrapped shooting on her feature and moved to Winnipeg where she joined the Winnipeg Film Group. She is currently editing her first feature and developing her second feature film.

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