A short clip of a swan is repeated and increasingly slowed down. In the process, the image - the swan - breaks down. Short sentences reflect on the encounter. The swan song of a swan’s image.

Phil Rose
City, Province
Ottawa, ON

Phil’s single-channel and video installation work has been shown in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Hamilton, Peterborough, Saskatoon, and Helsinki and Vassa (Finland). His video "X (trace), Studies for a Self-Portrait" was broadcast on TVOntario in the summer of 2005. He also produces photographic works, and makes lightboxes with 16mm filmstrips, which are represented by the Dale Smith Gallery (Ottawa). He has served on the Board of Directors at SAW Video, as well as the Centre de production Daïmõn (Gatineau), where he is now employed as a video production technician. He is also currently acting as Co-Coordinator of the Available Light Screening Collective, which he joined shortly after it was founded in 1995.

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