A video poem concerned with race and gender issues. Images from monuments in Ottawa, locations and activities around Parliament - Canada Day, Gay Pride and Carrabana Festival - play with poem narrative.

Shahin Parhami
City, Province
Montreal, QC

Iranian-Canadian filmmaker, Shahin Parhami, was born in Iran, in the magnificent citry of Shiraz, renowned as the cultural capital of Persia. After his arrival to Canada in 1988, he quickly became an active writer of poetry and essays for local Iranian-Canadian publications on arts and culture. His insatiable appetite for moving image later inspired him to pursue his studies in film and production first at Ottawa’s Carleton University, and later at Concordia University in Montreal. Shahin directed his first movie "Nasoot" in 1997, which was screened in many film festivals. This poetic meditation on the death of three Iranian refugees constituted the first part of a trilogy on Iran and diaspora, which he later completed with "Lahoot" (1998) and "Jabaroot" (2003). Accomplished author Shahin Parhami is the mastermind behind all his work, producing his own films and responsible for all creative elements. An ardent lover of poetry, Shahin develops his scripts with a style of writing that borrows from traditional and modern poetics of Persian visual culture and literature to reveal a rich and fascinating expression. In his most recent production "Faces (Chehre-ha)" (2007), an experimental and multi-layered documentary on 10 Iranian artists living in Canada, Shahin dives into questions that are tied to exile, identity, and maintaining one’s culture in a context of immigration. "Faces" premiered at Montreal World Film Festival and won the best feature film award at the Cinewest Experimental Film Festival (FLEXIFF) 2007 (Sydney, Australia). (www.shahinparhami.com)

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