Monthly Equipment Demos at SAW Video

Join us for Monthly Equipment Demos starting December 4th, 2018.

SAW Video is pleased to announce that we are launching a new monthly Equipment Demo Series! On the first Tuesday of every month we invite SAW Video members and members of the arts community at large to bring their lunches for some mid-day tech talk. This is a great opportunity for participants to have a close look at some of our trickiest and most popular equipment on offer. SAW Video’s Equipment Demos will cover a wide range of topics from audio and cameras to all the small bits and bobs of our equipment library that seem inconsequential but really make a difference in your final product.

Our first Equipment Demo -  Is This Thing On? Getting Audio Into Your Camera - is next Tuesday December 4th from 12pm to 1pm, in SAW Video’s Hub Space. This Demo is designed to walk participants through the various options and considerations for getting the best audio possible into your camera when you’re on a shoot. We will cover such topics as learning about the different microphone and connector types, figuring out best practices and choices for optimal tone, using some of your camera’s built-in functions to make things easier and exploring things you can do on location to make working with sound in post-production a little easier.

The Demo will be facilitated by our amazing Equipment Manager, Jason Sonier.

This is a free event for SAW Video Members and members of the arts community at large.

Registration is not required but please arrive promptly.